California 2017 SDI Rate defaults to 1.1 % instead of .9%

When setting up the 2017 California State Tax table, the SDI Rate Defaults to 1.1%. The Rate should be .9% . 

Also the ETT tax rate of .1% should be manually added to your SUTA Rate Assigned by the State per the DE 2088 form received last year for the 2017 rates.

This has been resolved with patch 19 for version 7.87.  If Blackbaud does not host your database, please visit to download patch 19.

We can manually edit the rates: 

  1. highlight the SDI rate, change from 1.1 to .9
  2. For SUTA, take your SUTA Rate from the DE 2088 form and add the ETT .1% to it as the rate for SUTA.
  3. Click save and close on the tax table. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Payroll, go to Configuration.
  2. Click Taxes, set drop down box from Federal to State.
  3. Start new 2017 Tax table for CA, or open existing 2017 California Tax table.
  4. Highlight SDI and see it is 1.1%


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