How do I adjust a check Form?

How do I adjust the spacing on a check form?
Each check style form you print has a check form associated with it.  Your default check style will be used when you print checks.  The form to be used is set-up in Tools > System Utilities > System Options in the AP section.  If you use more than one check style, you will need to set up additional forms in FIMS for the different check forms.  Before setting up different forms, check to see if any of the exsisting check forms will support your needs.  

To Edit or Create a check form:
  1. Go to Tools > System Utilities > Admin Utilities > Finance Utilities > A/P 1099 and Check Forms Maintenance.  
  2. Find the form you use in the drop down.  If you have previously modified the form, the label will probably start with "User Defined...".  If you haven't previously modified the form, find the form, open it and click Copy. 
  3. You can't directly edit the form, so click OK and leave the utility.
  4. Re-enter the utility to edit the newly created User Defined form.

Scan through the Check form.  You are looking for lines that look something like this:


Once you have found the line, you will need to modify it to move the Amount to a different location on the form. The values following X and Y on the live are page coordinates. X is the distance from the left side of the page, Y is the distance from the top of the page, both are in inches. Change the numbers slightly to adjust the positioning of where the box is printed.

To move a line up the page, reduce the Y value. 0.1 is about the same distance as one line height.
To move a line down the page, increase the Y value.
To move a line left, reduce the X value
To move a line right, increase the X value

Save the form and print an example for examination. Repeat adjustments using trial and error until you have everything right where you want it. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact FIMS support.



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