This can occur if you merge a record that is synced to a Luminate Online record with an active TeamRaiser registration into a different record. This can be prevented by always merging into the record that has the active TeamRaiser registration. If you have a removed Luminate Online record with an active registration please follow the steps below to provide the constituent with a new participant record:
  1. Create a new record for the constituent in Raiser's Edge
    1. In The Raiser's Edge create a new record for this constituent 
    2. Open this record in The Raiser's Edge and select File > Properties
    3. Note the record's System Record ID (this will be the constituent ID in Luminate Online)
  2. Remove the registration from the removed Constituent360 record in Luminate Online
    1. In Luminate Online select Fundraising > TeamRaiser
    2. Click manage for the TeamRaiser this participant is registered for
    3. Search for the participant
    4. Click the participant's name to be taken to their registration record
    5. Click the Make Inactive link (this may be done already as a result of the record being removed)
    6. Click Confirm
    7. Note any gifts that are soft credited to this participant
    8. Click the Delete Registration Records link
    9. Select Convert the registration payment to a gift that is soft-credited to the event
    10. Click Finish
  3. Recreate the registration on the Luminate Online for the new Constituent360 profile
    1. Select Constituent360 > Constituents
    2. Search for the removed record
    3. Click View for this record
    4. Select the Transactions tab
    5. Use the Change Donor link to move these donations to the Luminate Online profile from Step 1-3
    6. Register the new LO record as a $0 registration
    7. Soft credit the donation that was moved in Step 3-5 to the new participant record
    8. Contact support to receive assistance with converting this donation into a registration fee for the new participant record. Please provide:
      • This article number (108469)
      • The System Record ID from Step 1-3