.CSV file is not showing up when setting up a recurring Import

When trying to configure a recurring import to BBCRM via the out of box FTP connection. The user can connect to the FTP site and navigate to the correct directory. However, the file that they want to import is not visible.  
To resolve this issue change the file format from .CSV (capitalized) to .csv (lowercase)  

Will not populate in BBCRM: example_file.CSV
Will populate in BBCRM: example_file.csv

Steps to Duplicate

1) Using FileZilla, navigate to the correct file path
2) Notice that the file existing in the file directory - example " examplefile.CSV "
3) Navigate to the Import functional area
4) Select the Import
5) On the 'Add import process' form select the correct Subdirectory
6) Select the File: dropdown
7) Notice that the .CSV is not visible.


 Blackbaud CRM

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