Once you have recorded and processed a grant or admin voucher and it is ready to be paid you will find in on the Open Item tab in AP.  If you need to record a payment because:
  • It was a wire transfer
  • It was an ACH transfer
  • Someone wrote or typed out a manual check
  • It was an Interfund Grant and you neglected to automatically pay it ( or chose not to)
Then you will need to create a manual payment.  To do this:
  1. Navigate to AP > Open Items
  2. Find the Grant or Admin Voucher that has been paid
  3. Double-click on the item in the browser
  4. Click on the Create Payment Item option ( or Print check and follow that process)
  5. In the pop-up screen enter a check number ( typically the voucher number if there was no real check used)
  6. Enter the payment date and amount of the check
  7. Save the record and if you only have this one item, say yes to the edit and post and process the payment