The calculation of admin fees depends on several factors:
  • Frequency (determines the choice of funds)
  • Code setup (determines the percentage of the fee and the accounts used for the basis and the type of fee)
  • Accounts used (found in the code setup on the asset basis radio)
  • Method of calculation (chosen when calculating the fees- only one method at a time can be chosen)
  • Choice of processing options ( minimums and whether to charge a fee on $0 or negative funds)
Since the problem could be in different areas you need to discover where it might be ocurring.

Troubleshooting Steps:
Run the Admin Fee calculation process and note the choices made in the setup screen.
On the resulting report, manually calculate the fee based on the assessed value on the report.
If you assume the assessed value is correct, is the fee correct?
  • If yes, then the code set up of a stepped fee or the evaluation method or options chosen are correct.
  • If no, then go to the administrative fee code setup ( File Maintenance > Fund code maintenance > Administrative Fees) and review the setup of the stepped fee or the percentage of a fixed fee.  See FIMS online help for information on setting up the stepped fee.
Next, if the calculation is correct for the assessed basis, is the assessed basis correct?
If yes, then your fee is probably calculating correctly- recheck the manual calculation assumptions.
If no, then what is wrong with the basis?
  • Are the same accounts defined in the setup that you used in your manual calculation ? To check go to the administrative fee code setup ( File Maintenance > Fund code maintenance > Administrative Fees) and review the accounts used on the asset based screen.  
  • Are you including the correct asset accounts?
  • Should pledge receivable be included?
  • Did you use the correct evaluation method? Currently there are 8 methods.  To read more about what each method means, click the Help button in the bottom right of the Admin Fee calculation screen.  Each method is described in detail.
All of the possible issues have not been listed here, but the testing process usually involves testing the calculation of the assessed value and then assuming the value is correct, testing the fee amount based on that assessment.

The typical issues found occur when:
  • a new asset account is added, but the fee code isn't modified to include it
  • an account previously unused ( like pledge receivable) is suddenly used and the assessed value includes values that shouldn't be included
  • the fee is changed to a new periodicity ( quarterly to monthly) and the fee % isn't changed properly
  • the stepped fee levels weren't set up properly at the start and funds are starting to reach levels previously unused.
Please read FIMS online help for how to setup administrative fees as well as other knowledgebase articles if you have issues with fixing the above issues.