Typically foundations that want to move unspent dollars from their available to spend balances use the allocation and entries process to do this.

For this example assume the following:
The available to spend balance is held in account 33000 and is a Q3 fund balance.
Transfer account for a T2 entry is 38000 and for T3 is 39000.

To create entries:
  1. Go to General Ledger > Journal Entry tab > Automatic Entries
  2. Select Allocation and Entries and Run the process
  3. Change the year to the year with the balance you want removed. Assume 2016 for this example.
  4. In the Apply date box change the date to the date you are posting the resulting journals.  In a calendar year foundation this would typically be either 12-31 or 1-1.
  5. In the next section leave the top line empty and choose Fund Balance 3 ( per our example) in the Base allocations on fund balance drop-down
  6. Percentage to allocate is 100%
  7. Debit Account is 39000
  8. Credit Account is 38000
  9. Click on Fund Selections and choose the fund class code associated with funds OR the policy code range.
  10. Click OK.  Note your selections on the next screen and click Run report.
  11. Review the report and if the amounts and GL accounts are correct, click the menu item Create GL Entries.
  12. Fill out the information making sure the apply date is correct and create.
  13. You can run the Edit and Post GL Entries or just create them and review them again before posting.