When you are cancelling a grant after the check has been printed, you must first void the check.
  1. Open Accounts payable
  2. Go the Payments super tab
  3. Select the payment to voided
  4. Double click on the payment to open
  5. Click on Void Payment in the lower Right hand corner.
  6. Enter a void date-Usually the same date the check was issued-This is the date the reversal will appear in your general ledger
  7. DO NOT check create debit memo
  8. Enter a void reason if you want to
  9. Click ok and post through

The next step is cancelling the actual grant.  Note:  At this point there will be an Open Item in AP for the grant.  That is expected, it will go away after completing the cancellation process.
  1. Open Grants module
  2. Go to the Application History Supertab
  3. Locate the grant to be cancelled and double click to select.
  4. Click on the Adjustments tab
  5. Choose Grant Adjustments
  6. Click Run Process

This will open the Adjustments Window
  1. Confirm that the grant number is correct
  2. Enter an Apply Date-This will be the date that the cancellation shows in the Grants module as well as the General Ledger
  3. Enter a Status and Reason for Adjustment is desired
  4. Choose Cancellation on the right side of the window
  5. Check Complete Cancellation (unless it is a partial payment that was returned)
  6. Click Process Adjustment

You will see an information window telling you to review the changes and to post any resulting debit memos.  Click OK and a grant adjustment report will appear,  Review the changes and then click commit Changes at the top of the report.  Another message will appear telling you the changes have been committed and reminding you again to post the debit memo.

To post the debit memo
  1. Go to the AP module
  2. Go to the Item Entry supertab
  3. Locate the debit memo-If you have multiple items in item entry note the voucher number and date
  4. Click on the Processes tab
  5. Select A/P Item Edit
  6. Click Run Process
  7. Enter the date and voucher number for the debit memo
  8. Click OK
  9. Review the Edit report
  10. Click Post A/P Items at the top of the report if everything looks correct
  11. Post through to General Ledger

At this point the grant should be fully cancelled.  Check Open Items to confirm that it is no longer there.