Error: The transaction distribution collection is read only and cannot be changed when saving batch in General Ledger

When saving a Journal Entry batch in General Ledger, some users may receive this error if changes were made to the Interfund on one of the Funds in the batch before it was saved. 

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Financial Edge, go to Journal Entry > New Regular Batch. 
  2. Enter Description and Account numbers that require interfund information, (for example, 01-1060-00 and 04-4900-06). 
  3. If the Fund does not have Interfund information (as Fund 04 in sample), the validation will fail: General Ledger 7 needs to create interfund entries, but some funds are missing interfund information...
  4. Minimize the batch without closing it. 
  5. Go to Configuration > Funds. 
  6. Open Fund 04 and go to Interfund accounts.
  7. Select Use a single account and enter account number. 
  8. Save and close the fund record. 
  9. Return to the batch record. 
  10. Validate and post the batch. 
  11. Click Save and close. Receive error. 


 Financial Edge

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