1. Click Management
  2. Click DIY Forms
  3. Click the blue Edit button next to the form you’d like to update
  4. Click Settings
  5. Click the blue link that says Edit Message
  6. Fill in your customized text in the note field; we can use any of the merge tags listed below the note field to further customize the text (for example, if we include [RA] in the success message, the amount that the donor gave will automatically populate in the success message)
  7. Click Update
  8. Click Update
  9. Click Save
  10. Click Go Live
  11. Click Replace

Please note, anytime we make updates to the DIY Forms, we need to clear the cache on our browsers to see the updates; the steps to clear your cache are available at https://kb.blackbaud.com/articles/Article/63524. If the form is embedded on your website, you’ll also need to use the steps listed at https://kb.blackbaud.com/articles/Article/71800 to re-embed the form on the website.