The objects that were selected for the Award template include User Award Group, which is an object that explicitly excludes awards that are not tied to course sections. Because Awards can be added for individual students, on their Academic Profile, for example, this object will not return those in this list. The likely reason for the lack of results is the awards created did not have any connection to a course section. The object "Award Term" can be used for that purpose.

As a user with access to Advanced Lists:
  1. Navigate to Analisis > Manage Lists
  2. Click on List Templates
  3. Select Award from the Template Category drop-down
  4. Click on the View/Copy link
  5. Click the X to the right of the User Award Group object and the joined objects below it, leaving only User Base
  6. In the objects list on the left, expand the Award category
  7. Select the User Award Term object
  8. Select the Award Type object
  9. Click on the Display Fields tab, then Select Fields link to add columns to the result, such as User Award Term.Date Received and Award Type.Award Title
  10. Click on the Preview link in the lower right corner to view results