Items to consider when combining schools:
  1. Cycles, Timetables and Patterns
    1. How to define cycles and timetables in The Education Edge
    2. How to create scheduling patterns
    3. Preparing for a new year in scheduling.
  2. Add or Update Existing Marking Column Sets
    1. How to Update a Marking Column Set
  3. Academic Year and Session
    1. Navigate to Configuration > Academic Years to update with new timetable and date information. 
  4. Faculty/Staff and Room Records
    1. Faculty and Room Records will need to be updated to include the name of the new school. 
  5. Courses
    1. Create a query of School A and School B courses.
    2. Open each Course then Click Course > Copy course in tool bar.
    3. Enter in the same course name and ID, but select the newly created school.
    4. Update the Restrictions 2 and Grading tab. 
  6. Student Progression Entries and Schools
    1. Update student records so that progression entries include the newly created school.
  7. Netclassroom
    1. Navigate to Configuration > Netclassroom > Features.
    2. Adjust features to be displayed for the new school. 
  8. Scheduling 
    1. Make sure to schedule for newly created school/campus, not School A or School B.