Credit Card Processing Status is Not Updated

The Credit Card Updater will update cards every month, there are cards that are not updating.

The "Not Updated" status indicates that the cardholder information is associated with an open commitment and there is a card token in the system that may need updating.  

Three things happen for these types of transactions every month: 

  • ​Transactions that need updated card information available to the Credit Card Updater Service will be updated in CRM and marked as "Updated"
  • Transactions that need updated card information unavailable to the Credit Card Updater Service will not be updated in CRM and will be marked as "Not Updated." 
  • Transactions whose card information does not need to be updated will not be marked with either of the above statuses.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Revenue Tab
2. Click EFT
3. Click Credit Card Processing
4. Click the 'CC Updater This Month' tab
5. See Cards Status - "Not Updated"

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