The Team Members filter does include Team Captains. To email only Team Members, you'll need to add a group to the Do Not Email list containing the Team Captains. Follow the steps below to do this:
  1. Select Data Management > Tasks
  2. Create a TeamRaiser Participant task
  3. For "Active," mark no
  4. Under "Select contacts based on team membership" mark "Include team captains."
  5. Complete any other desired settings and click Save
  6. Find your task in the list and click Run
  7. Click Refresh until the Last Run Status says Completed
  8. This task has created a Group in Constituent360 that goes by the same name as your task
  9. Now that you have a group containing captains, Add the group to the Coaching Email Delivery List.
  10. You can now select that group as a Do Not Email group to filter out Team Captains.