You can find out who created an assignment by creating the following Advanced List:
  1. Navigate to Core > Analysis > Manage Lists
  2. Select Manage Basic/Advanced Lists
  3. Click on Grey down arrow next to Add
  4. Select Create Advanced List
  5. On the Select Objects Tab, add the following Objects under Academic Group in the following order:
    • Assignment
    • Assignment Type
    • Course Group 
    • Course Base
    • Course Faculty 
  6. Under Constituent Information add User Base
    • In the drop down, select Course Faculty. Faculty User ID = User Base. User ID > Click Select  
  7. Under School add School Level 
    • Uncheck all Inner Joins showing to the right 
  8. Select the Display Fields Tab
  9. Click the Select Fields
  10. Expand Assignment and add the following fields:
    • Assignment.Faculty User ID
    • Assignment.Assignment
    • Assignment.Assignment Insert Date
    • Assignment.Date Assigned
    • Assignment.Date Due
  11. Expand Assignment Type and add Assignment Type.Assignment Type
  12. Expand Course Group > Course Base and add:
    • Course Base.Course Title
    • Course Base.School Level
  13. Expand Course Faculty > User Base and Add 
    • User Base.User ID
    • User Base.First Name
    • User Base.Last Name
  14. Select the Filters Tab
  15. You can then use the Global filters to filter by Course Title, Teacher, Assignment, or Assignment Type
  16. Name and Save List