This error message occurs when there are no records to post in the Post to GL process.

Check the following things to ensure you have records to post:
  1. Confirm there are no filters in your Post to GL process that are preventing records from posting.  In Financials, click Post revenue to GL.  Click on your post process, then click Edit Process under Tasks.  Ensure Deposits say "All Not Posted deposits," ensure revenue says "All not posted revenue and adjustments/reversals," and ensure Bank account adjustments says "All not posted bank account adjustments."  Save your process and run your post process again.  If no records pull into the post process at this point, continue to Step 2.
  2. Confirm the records are in deposits.  Go to Treasury > Deposit Search.  Enter the date from your post process into the deposit date field.  Filter on post status not posted and click Search.  If there are no deposits, continue to Step 3.
  3. Confirm all sales drawers are closed and approved.  Go to Sales > Approve closed drawers.  Ensure that all drawers with payment dates on your posting date have a status of Approved.  If the drawers have a status of open, have the user close their drawer or close their drawer for them.  If the drawer has a status of closed, Approve the drawer.  Then click Create Deposits under tasks.  Then run your post process.
  4. Run the Account Distribution Report to confirm there are records that date to post: Go to Financials > Account Distribution.  Filter on the specific date you are trying to post and post status Not Posted.  Click View Report.  If there is nothing on the report, there are no records to post and you can stop running your Post to GL process.