Historical Major Giving Plans are not italicized for household records.

Prospect Plans flagged as "Historical" do not display as italicized on the Prospect>Plans tab of a Household record. On Individual records they display as italicized as italicized.
1)    Navigate to a Major Giving Household Record.
2)    Enable Design Mode
3)    Click on the Prospect Tab, then Plans Tab, then “Properties” in Design Mode
4)    Scroll down to “Legend” and click on the Ellipsis …
5)    Click the Add button and enter =Not(CBool(FIELDS!ISACTIVE)) into the “Expression” field and set “DisplayStyle” to Inactive
6)    Click OK and SAVE on all of the open Design windows.
7)    The historical plans will now be in Italics.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open a Household record and navigate to Prospect (tab)> Plans (tab)
2. Add a new Major Giving plan, filling out the required fields.
3. Open the plan and click "Make Historical" in the Tasks functional area.
4. Navigate back to the Household record then Prospect > Plans
5. Enable the filter for "Include historical plans"
6. Note that the Historical plan is not italicized.
7. Repeat the above steps on an Individual record and note that Historical plans are italicized as expected.


 Blackbaud CRM

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