1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Appeal Mailings. Click on the name of your appeal mailing.
  2. On the letters tab of your appeal mailing, click on your letter, and click edit.
  3. Scroll down to Merge fields and click Edit
  4. In the left hand side of the screen, click the plus sign next to Constiutent Marketing Information
  5. Then expand Constituent, then click Email Addresses
  6. In the middle, select email addresses and move this field to the right.
  7. In the popup called export criteria,in the number to export, enter the most number of email addresses you would want to export.  For example, if one constituent has 10 emails, you might want to put 10 here to get all email addresses.
  8. If you want to exlude bounced or do not mail emails,in the bottom filter, click Selected email addresses
  9. Then in the left, select Bounced and move to the right and choose Equal to no.
  10. Then in the left again choose Do not email and move to the right and choose Equal to no
  11. Then click Ok in this screen, and click Save and close, Next, Finish and close.
  12. Run your mailing.