When merging two constituents that belong to the same membership program, you may find that their memberships combined into the same membership record. Memberships will merge together when your Membership Program is not configured to "Allow Multiple Memberships." When two constituents membership records are combined, it is difficult to sort them out to correctly restore each constituent's separate membership. In order to separate the two memberships, we will need to refund all membership transactions and apply them back to the correct constituent records. 

Step 1: Refund All Membership Transactions to Other Payment Methods. The method used to refund these transactions will vary based on the sales method they were sold through. Prior to refunding these transactions, it is important to note the following information: Transaction Date, Membership Level, Expiration Date, Marketing Information such as Appeal, Effort, Inbound Channel, etc
  • Sales Orders:
  1. Select Refunds in the task bar on the left 
  2. Make sure that the item that you want to refund is marked
  3. In the payment details section change the refund method to an "other" payment method like exchange
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  1. Click refund, Click Yes to the Message "You refunded this membership transaction. Do you also want to revoke the Renew?"
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  • Back Office Payments
  1. In the Tasks menu, click Edit Payment (or edit posted payment)
    • Note: If adjusting a credit card payment, please note the Credit Card Type, Authorization code, Last 4 digits
  2. Change the amount to $0.00 and the applied amount to $0.00
  3. Enter any adjustment information if this payment was posted
  4. Unmark the checkbox "Refund card on save" 
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  1. Click Save
Continue refunding the transactions until all of the transactions have been refunded.

Step 2: Add the Membership Payments to the Correct constituent records. After refunding all Membership Transactions, we will add each transaction back to the correct constituent's record. Using Back Office Transactions, will allow us to back date each membership transaction to appear on the date it was actually entered in Altru.
  1. Navigate to the first constituent's record, Click Add a Membership in the Task Bar on the left
  2. Starting with the Oldest Transaction, Enter the following information in the Add a Membership Screen
    1. Adjust the date to reflect the date the original transaction was entered
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  1. Enter any Marketing Information
  2. Select the Program, Level, and Term of the Membership Transaction you are adding
  3. Check that the expiration date matches the date this transaction should expire
  4. Add A Payment
    1. If the original transaction was a Sale Order, Select the Same Other method that we refunded the Membership to
    2. If the Original Transaction was a Back Office Payment, select the same payment method that was on the original payment. 
      • Note: If this was a credit card transaction, Enter the Card Type, Last 4 Digits, Expiration Date, and the Authorization code on the original payment
  1. Save
  2. Continue Adding transactions until all transactions have been added for the first constituent. We will then repeat the same steps to add back the membership transactions associated with the second constituent.