I want to send an email to everyone that registered for our previous walks

Some kinterathon events run every year. Instead of soliciting for new participants every year, you can send an email to all the participants from your previous events. Here is how to create the receiver base to pull participants from previous years.
1. Navigate to Communications > eMail.
2. Hover over the campaign and select Manage.
3. Beside your new mailing, click on Receiver's.
4. Expand Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends.
5. Click Choose Event beside Kintera Thon.
6. In the pop up, mark the box beside the past event you would like to query on.
7. Click Ok.
8. Select Participants and click Add.
9. Repeat Steps 4-8 for Donors and/or Volunteers as needed
10. When you've created your receiver query lines, select the second line.
11. Click OR in the bottom right hand corner.
  •  Repeat this for any additional lines in your query.
12.Click Save.
Your final receiver's query should resemble the following:

EVENT NAME All Participants In Event
OR EVENT NAME All Donors In Event
OR EVENT NAME All Volunteers In Event


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