We can use a Revenue Attribute to attach board members to payments that have been made in Altru. A revenue attribute will allow us to attach our board members to all types of revenue.
  1. Go to Administration > Attribute Categories 
  • Note: If you don’t see this option, you will need the system role of Attribute Categories added to your user account.
  1. Click Add 
  2. Enter a name for your Attribute 
  3. In the Record type field, select Revenue
  4. Select an Attribute Group if this attribute should also be categorized with other attributes. For example, you may have multiple attributes that are all related to Wealth Screening, so you may choose to add a "Wealth Screening" Attribute Group to these attributes (optional)
  5. In the Data type field, select Constituent Record
  6. In the Search List field, select Constituent Search by Name or Lookup ID
  7. Check the box “Allow only one per record” if you only want to allow one of these attributes per constituent record. 
  8. Click Save.
You can now, add this attribute to the Attribute Tab on Payment Records.