Orders do not post credits to revenue account on the GL post report

I created an order and ran the Post to General Ledger process. I later rescheduled the tickets and ran the Post to GL process again. The GL Distribution tab on the order appears correct, but the post file doesn't match the order GL activity. 
If you experience this issue, chat with support with the following information:   
  • The exact steps to duplicate the issue (click by click).

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Complete an online sales order for a scheduled program event that requires registration
  2. Go to Treasury > Create Deposit and run a deposit process to pull in that transaction
  3. Go to Financials > Post Revenue to GL and run the process to pull in that order
  4. Go to Sales > Reschedule Tickets and reschedule the tickets for another date
  5. Go back to Financials > Post Revenue to GL and run the process again to pull in the rescheduled order
  6. Go to Sales > Order Search and pull up the order
  7. Select the GL Distribution tab and then select All
  8. Note the account numbers for the Debit and Credit for the order and the reversal
  9. Go to Financials > Post Revenue to GL and click on the process
  10. Select the History tab and download the Post File for the original order and the Post File after it was rescheduled
  11. In the original order's Post File, note that the account for the debit is there, but the account is missing for the credit
  12. In the Post File after the order was rescheduled, you will see the reversal debit and credit along with the order debit and credit


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