Adjustment Revenue from Revenue Update Batch will not post (activity pending)' status transactions.

When attempting to create a Revenue update batch for GL Posted transactions that have been adjusted and are showing with a status of 'Posted (Pending Activity)', the Adjustment details do not carry over from the Generate Revenue Update Batch process to the Uncommitted Revenue Update Batch.
Take the following steps to update the status from pending and post the revenue adjustment.

1.Link the payment to the deposit.
2. Change the post dates up to, to the specific date.
3.  The date should be changed to the original charge date.
4. Deposits section should be : all "not posted" deposits.
5. The revenue section: should be selected revenue records.
6. Choose the appropriate selection based off the targeted payment.
7. Bank account adjustment section should be none.
8. Save.
9. Not the status has changed from "pending" and you are able to post the adjustment.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In CRM, create add a Payment to a Constituent Record
  2. Go to Revenue > Post Revenue to GL
  3. Post the recent payment
  4. Go back to the Payment and click Edit posted payment
  5. Adjust payment as follows:
  6. Adjustment date: Current date
  7. Adjustment post date: Current date
  8. Adjustment reason: (Any available reason code)
  9. Adjustment details: (Enter a reason description as appropriate)
  10. Adjustment post status: Not posted
  11. Click Save
  12. Note that the Post Status is now shows as follows: Posted (activity pending)


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