This message box with the phrase "Current gift history record has been changed. Do you wish to save those changes?" is appearing because a fund code change process was run and the Change Gift and AP box was unchecked. (It should rarely be unchecked).

Because of this, the account key on the GL Account tab in the gift has a different fund coding structure than the GL accounts in the General Ledger for the same time period.  If you were to do a gift adjustment the gift would not post without changing the accounts.  If you ran reports using the accounts in the gift module ( through crystal, a user defined export, a data grid, or Compass), then the information in the account would indicate a different fund coding structure than a report run from the GL.  

In most cases, you should be answering yes to the question.

To look at the differences you can:
  1. Go to Tools > System Utilities > Admin Utilities > Database and File Viewer.
  2. Enter in Gifthistory in the filename section at the top and click load
  3. In the Update Query box in the center you can filter on a record.
  4. If you type Giftnum = 1234 where 1234 is your gift number, it will display just that record.  You can scroll to the right to see the various fields. The current value for the debit and credit accounts will be displayed.  You can compare them to the GL accounts in the GL for the gift date year and to the accounts in the actually gift on the screen.
  5. You should see that the accounts on the screen agree with the ones in the GL, but the ones in the file viewer do not agree.  Once you say yes to the save question and click update in the viewer, all 3 values will be in agreement.

If you find this happening on a significant number of gifts, note the fundid.  It might be necessary to change the fund codes back to the old codes using the change fund code utility in Tools > System Utilities and then change the codes again to the current codes- this time leaving the box checked.