Transaction Manager Part duplicates Revenue that has been Re-receipted

When a revenue record has been re-receipted in CRM, one may notice that the Transaction Manager part in BBIS duplicates the revenue on the History tab.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack. 

Steps to Duplicate

1.   In BBIS, navigate to the page that contains the Transaction Manager part. Click the View this page/template button.
2.   On the page, click the History tab. Take note of the Revenue that shows.
5.   Navigate to CRM. Navigate to a receipted revenue record associated with the CRM account that is linked to BBIS. Click Mark payment for re-receipt. Select a reason and click Save.
6.   Navigate to Marketing and Communications > Receipts > Receipts tab. Find the receipt process associated with the receipt on the revenue record and click Start process. Make sure the Mark revenue ‘Receipted’ when process completes checkbox is checked and click Start.
7.   Once the process has finished, navigate back to the revenue record to confirm it shows a receipt status of Receipted again.
8.   Navigate back to BBIS and the page that contains the Transaction Manager part and see that the gift has been duplicated on the History tab.


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