You have two options for populating a report with the budget information.
  • Create a statement in Design Statements for just the budget information
  • Create a datagrid in Dynamic Data Grid
Please review statement creation instructions in FIMS Help for the Design Statement method.

To create a grid do the following:
  1. Go to Inquiries > Dynamic Data Grid
  2. Select GLYR in the drop down in the upper left.
  3. Click Add and provide a name and click OK
  4. In the columns tab add the columns you want for the grid.  Budget columns are identified as Budget 1-13.  
  5. You can add the account numbers and descriptions
  6. If only one fund is required, you can filter on the Fundid in Selections
  7. Once your set-up is complete click Save and Run Report.
  8. Use the processes button on the left to run as a report or export into excel.