The most common reasons for a fund statement to be missing from either the fndstat.txt file or the merged statement document is:
  1. A missing fund rep
  2. A fund rep with the allow mail box not checked
  3. A fund with a statement style
  4. A fund not in the selection range

To quickly check these situations:

For #1: Before clicking the Run button on the statement, navigate to the Fund Rep tab and check off the box for "Export one Fund Statement per Fund.  If the fund information is now exported:
  1. Go to the Fund Module
  2. Find the Fund
  3. Click on the Fund Rep tab
  4. Add a Fund rep that fits your Fund Rep selection criteria ( i.e. a "Gets Statement" type)
For #2:  Repeat the steps for #1 but continue on to check the Profile for the Fund Rep chosen to be sure the allow mail box on the Profile 2 tab is checked.

For #3: Check to see if another data file was exported in the export folder with a similar name. e.g. fndstat_C00.txt.  Open that file and if your data is there, merge your statement against that file as well.  See FIMS Help for information on working with Statement Styles.

For #4: Fix your filter to include the fund.