To create the Advanced List, navigate to: 
  1. Lists > More Lists
  2. Click on Add > Create Advanced List
  3. Under Select Objects expand the Category type such as List
  4. Select the Cateogry Type such as List, List Category, and List Photo
  5. Select the Display Fields Tab
  6. Click Select Fields
  7. Expand the Cateogor Type such as List, and mark List Id, List Title, List Short Description, List Long Description
  8. Expand the Category Type Category (such as List Category) and mark Category
  9. Select the Filters tab, and within Global Filters click the + to add a Filter for the Category Type such as List.Title contains and a word from the Title such as Debate
  10. Click Preview from here you will be able to see the Category that the Item is listed in
  11. Name and Save the list if needed for future use