If the Posting option at the top of your edit report is grayed out, there are two possibilities:
  • there is a significant chance that there is an error somewhere on your posting report.
  • you don't have authorization to post

To identify if there is an error, use Control+End to scroll to the bottom.  You should see the total number of errors and the total number of warnings.

To find the errors on the report:
  1. Click on Control+F or select Edit and Find from the menu.  
  2. This will bring up a search box.  
  3. ​Type   **E into the search box and click OK
  4. This will take you to the location of the first error.  To find the remaining instances do one of the following:
  • Click F9 to find the next instance
  • Repeat the steps 
  • Select Edit, Find Next
Review any Warnings in a similar fashion search for *W instead. Make any changes deemed necessary.

Once these errors and warnings are resolved, rerun the edit report.  Errors need to be fixed before you can post.  Warnings do not.  But they should be reviewed and understood.