How do I split a payment?

Sometimes a payment must get split up, so a payment(s) has  two funds and may have to be resolved to two different budget items

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the Pending request and Approve it > the Approval window will populate.
2. Put in your approval date and Terms (months);  for example 24 and fill in any other fields you may use. Click NEXT
3. Payments window will populate. Put in Number of Payments "2" and click on the arrow next to it. You will get a message "The changes you have made to the payment schedule will be lost. Continue? Click YES
4. 2 payments  will populate and you can now update the Amounts for the payments, the dates (usually this will be the same dates)  and the Type and the GL account.
5. Click on NEXT and the Appropriation window will populate - IF YOU HAVE THE BUDGET MODULE - if not you will get a message that the request has been approved otherwise you will now be asked to resolve to your budget.
5. Once you have resolved to the correct budget items click DONE and you will get a message "Approval completed successfully. Grant Fiscal Year set to 20XX and click OK

NOTE: You can update both payments with the same check number and add explanation to your notes that this is a split payment.


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