1. Log into your Grantee Portal account page - this URL should end in ?SA=AM

2. Once logged in, click the eye icon User-added image to add a Viewer

3. When the page loads and displays Viewers List, enter the E-mail address of your Viewer > Click 'Add Viewer(s)'
NOTE - You may enter multiple E-mail addresses before clicking 'Add Viewer(s)', but you must separate E-mail addresses with a semicolon (;)

4. The Viewers list will update with the E-mail addresses you have inputted
NOTE - Some E-mail addresses may say '(New, New Account will be created)'

5. In the E-mail to New Viewers section, add your name in the Name field

6. You may change the Subject and Memo to New Viewers fields as needed
NOTE - Subject is a Required field and must not be left blank

7. Click 'Update' to finish adding Viewers to the Application and to also send them the E-mail alerting them to log into the Grantee Portal
NOTE - If the recipient is New, they will receive two emails; the first to alert them that they have Viewer access and the second providing them with login credentials for the Grantee Portal