This can be due to the enhanced security that has been added to websites in the School Website module, or if the content is being displayed within the App. This issue can also affect content embedded in an iframe using a Text block. If the embedded content is attempting to display insecure (http://) content on a secure (https://) page, the content will be blocked. This can be verified by comparing the security of the URL in the embed widget versus the page it is displaying on.

To correct the URL in an Embed widget on a page:
  1. Go to School Website > Website Management > Websites
  2. Select Edit Website from the ellipses button next the site name
  3. Select Pages & Menus
  4. Locate the page with the embedded content
  5. Click the Wrench Icon and select Edit Page Content
  6. Click the Gear icon in the Embed widget
  7. Change the start of the URL from http:// to https://
  8. Click Save
Content embedded using Text content can be edited by:
  1. Go to School Website > Content > Additional Content Types > Text
  2. Locate and click the Text category
  3. Click the HTML button in the top-left corner
  4. In the pop-up window, change the start of the URL from http:// to https://
  5. Click Update
  6. Click Save