Page error occurs when saving assignment grades in FAWeb

When adding assignment grades in FAWeb, the following error occurs after the user clicks save. This occurs for all students. This occurs in The Education Edge 7.87.164, Patch 17.

A page error occurred\r\nURL: <\r\nSource:AFNLibB7\rnSource:AFNLibB7\r\nError> Message:Typemismatch\r\n\Stack Trace:  at Blackbaud.PIA.EA7.EaGradebookData7.cEAStudentAssignmentClass.Load(Int32 IID, Boolean& bReadOnly)\r\n at Blackbaud.Web.FE.FAWeb.FAWebLibSaveAssignment(FAWebForm&oHostPage, Int32 iPKID, Int32 iClassAssignmentID, Int32 iClassID, Int32 iEA7MarkingColumnsID, Int32 iStudentID, Strong sGrade, Hashtable&oDirtyAssignComments, Hashtable& oPKIDCache, Boolean bCommentOnly\r\n at Blackbaud.Web.FE.FAWEB.FAWebLib.SaveDirtyGradebookCells(FAWebFormoHostPage, FEWebGrid2 &oGrid, Hashtable& oMetaFluffyStuff, Int32 iEA7SessionID, Int32 iFacultyID, Int32 iClassID, Int32iEA7SessionsID, Int32 iEA7MarkingColumnID, Int32[] iStudenFieldsMap, Hashtable&oPKIDCache, StudenComments& oStudentComments, EST_EAGradebookReviewerTypes school ReviewerType)\r\n at Blackbaud.Web.FE.FAWEB.GradeBook.Save()
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into FAWeb.
2. Go to a class gradebook.
3. Enter in assignment grades.
4. Click Save.


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