For clients with custom Salesforce domains, no changes will need to be made to your Remote Site URLs, except for LCRM specific site URLs. Your site is set to use this custom domain in the remote site settings for LCRM, and should already be configured. To change your LCRM specific Remote Site URLs, please utilize the steps below.

You can determine if you have a custom domain by analyzing the URL for your Salesforce instance. Common format for custom Salesforce domains is

So for example:

For clients that are not using custom Salesforce domains, you will need to update the URLs in your remote site settings for LCRM. You can follow these steps to update your remote site settings:
  1. Select Setup
  2. Under Administration Setup find Security Controls, and click the arrow to expand the menu
  3. Click Remote Site Settings
  4. In the Remote Site Settings list, find LCRM Upgrade Utility and click to edit
  5. Update the Remote Site URL to reflect the change in servers
  6. Click Save
Some instances of Salesforce/LCRM may be setup with additional remote site settings such as LCRM_Upgrade_Utility. If you see any additional remote site settings referencing LCRM, please check those and adjust the Remote Site URL as needed.

***If you notice ServerSOAPFaultException errors in QPM that reference invalid session IDs then please submit a support case so it can be investigated. ***