The table entry cannot be deleted because it is present on one or more records in the program when deleting entry from Income table

Ensure the following steps have been completed to check if the table entry is present -
  1. Create a query to find the records where the table entry is in use.  Eg Income table is present on the Bio 2 screen of Constituents. Delete the table entry from constituents and then delete from the table in Configuration
  2. Go to Tools > Organise / Create Default Sets and edit existing default sets to remove the relevant Income table entry where present.
  3. Go to Batch and edit both committed and uncommitted Constituent batches to remove the relevant Income table entry, where present.  Repeat for uncommitted Gift batches where the table entry is present in the Constituent Window.
  4. Go to Config > Attributes and identify any attribute with the data type of Table, where the Income table is used.  Create the relevant query type to locate any record where the income table entry is present in that specific attributes description, then delete that table entry from the records.

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We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Config > Tables > Income and attempt to delete a table entry where this entry has already been removed from records and error occurs
  2. Complete steps in knowledgebase article 108838 (this article) to ensure it is definitely not present on any record.
  3. There  have been rare circumstances where entries in the Income table are present in the Income_Level table - this is an obsolete table, therefore a script may be required to delete the entries in Income_Level table.


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