If you have opened GIFTS, do you see the following error?

"Unable to determine file system type from configuration file '[drive]:\GIFTS\GIFTS.CFG'"

If so, please follow the suggested steps moving forward:

1. Consult with your internal IT team so that they may navigate to the GIFTS directory to check on the CFG file
2. Have them look at the size of the CFG file > If the size of the CFG file is 0 KB, it likely needs replacing
3. There is most likely a backup of the CFG file on the drive > Have your IT search for the backup and ask them to rename it to 'GIFTS.CFG'
4. If prompted to replace an existing file with that name, they may do so
5. Have them repeat step 2 to ensure the CFG file is now replaced
6. Attempt to launch and log into GIFTS > If the attempt is successful, the CFG file was successfully replaced