Incorrect receipt numbers issued to donors when Raiser's Edge eReceipts fail

Receipt numbers are mismatched when users run a failed or invalid eReceipt parameter.  This specifically occurs if the email address for donors is incorrectly formatted, containing no extension, invalid characters, or invalid extension, i.e. .con instead of .com

The eReceipt Mailing is tested to assign receipt numbers as expected when the mail parameters and data used in the mailing is accurate. When invalid or corrupt email addresses are included in a eReceipt mailing, the receipt numbers are assigned in order to the gift records. Conversely, invalid e-mail addresses will skip the receipt assignment in email and assign the next 'available' number to the next valid email address. This can result in donors being sent a different receipt number than what was assigned to them in the database view.

It is imperative that Raiser's Edge mail merges are set up per the user guidelines and contains accurate data to ensure consistency and assurance the software is functioning as designed. We are currently evaluating the software functionality described in the steps to duplicate to determine potential bug status. We are prioritizing it along with other potential code changes and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a query of donors with un-receipted gifts (in this example the donors Receipt type=Consolidated) and ensure there is a mixture of valid and invalid email addresses (email address with no extension or improperly formatted, i.e. jane@yahoo; or jane@yahoo.con)
  2. Navigate to Raiser's Edge> Mail> Receipts
  3. On the General tab, include Query from step 1 and choose to Create custom data file
  4. On the eReceipts tab mark the checkbox to Send as eReceipt
  5. Click Merge and choose to Acknowledge and Receipt gifts
  6. View message:  Error: the next available receipt number for the receipt stack is 257 The number you entered will result in receipt numbers being skipped. Would you like to continue and skip the receipt numbers? Click Yes or No
  7. Users can verify when comparing the results of the eReceipt to the Raiser's Edge gift record(s) that the records were assigned receipts numbers in order despite issues with invalid email addresses. The eReceipt results show donors with invalid emails were skipped and the next available number was assigned to the next valid email address despite the fact that the number was already assigned to a different donor in the database view.


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