The following are reasons data may not flow through the integration.
  1. If the missing transaction was a cash or check donation it will not be imported. The import only brings over processed transactions.
  2. If you chose to not import any historical data during the initial setup, transactions will begin to import on the day after you set up (when the first import is run). For example, if you set up the integration on January 1st and choose not to import any historical data, the import will only bring over information dated January 2nd and going forward. The day you set up the integration is considered to be part of that historical data.
  3. The EDH import follows the same online duplicate check rules as our other online solutions. If an account already existed in the database the address information will not be merged or updated in eTapestry.
  4. Hero accounts are imported before donor accounts. If someone is a hero and a donor, their account in eTapestry will reflect their address information from their hero account in EDH. If the donor account matches the duplicate check, the address will not change.
  5. If the EDH Campaign has no donations or heroes signed up, it will not show in the integration Edit Mappings section. Only Campaigns that have data can be mapped and imported.
If none of these match your situation, please contact support and provide the Article ID for reference to your issue. Please have the following information available to provide to support:
  1. Date and time of processing from EDH
  2. Donation/donor/hero information in question