Multicurrency: Constituent recognition credits are lost when exchange/spot rate is changed

When editing an exchange rate on a payment , if the recognition credit is going to more than one recipient , all others except the donor will be lost if the base amount is updated.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

Add a payment to a constituent
  1. Currency: USD (spot rate 1.00000000) and apply.
  2. Choose a designation 
  3. Choose the recognition credits Icon and add a second recipient and split fully.
  4. Add application.
  5. Payment method: Cash , save.
On the details tab it will show two constituents - the donor and the one added in step 3 and full amount of recognition credit value.

Edit the payment
  1. click on currency icon
  2. alter the spot rate (spot rate changed to 4.00000000)
  3. OK , Save.

You will see the warning :

"A change in the exchange rate has changed the base amount on applications that may have recognition credits. 
Would you like to default and update those recognition credits to match the new base amount?"

Click YES (NO saves the record correctly but does not alter recognition amounts)

Details tab now shows the donor only with the adjusted full credit amount. The second recipient has been lost.


 Blackbaud CRM

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