Active Constituencies selection has the wrong results in my mailing

The Active Constituencies section in an appeal mailing are selections that are built automatically by the system for all constituencies codes that exist. When using an Active Constituencies selection in an appeal mailing you may notice that your results are incorrect. The Active Constituency may be pulling constituents that previously had that Constituency in the system. 
Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue and determined at this time it is functioning as expected, the built-in constituency selections will look at the constituency code regardless of current status. Therefore, these selections that get created automatically for any constituency in the database will show any record that has the constituency regardless of status or end date.  You can build the following ad-hoc query to consider end date and status: 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query 
  3. Select the source view of Constituents and click OK. 
  4. From the left column, highlight Constituencies. 
  5. From the middle column, drag Constituency to Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to the Constituency you need. For example: Constituencies\Constituency is equal to Board Member. 
  6. Next, from the middle column, drag "Date to" to Include Records Where. Set this to be blank. Constituencies\Date to is blank. This will pull all constituents that do not have an end date on their constituency. 
    User-added image
  7. Optional: If you think you might have constituents in your database that have an end date on their constituency in the future, you can also add a field to include those as well. Drag "Date to" from the middle column to Include Records Where again. Set this to be on of after today: Constituencies\Date to is on or after today. Highlight this field in Include records and change the "and" to an "or." Also add parenthesis around the "Date to" fields as pictured below: 
    User-added image

Steps to Duplicate

 To add the selection to an Appeal Mailing:
  1. In Marketing and Communications select Appeal Mailings.
  2. Select the mailing name to open the mailing.
  3. Select the Letters tab.
  4. Highlight the Letter and select Edit.
  5. Edit the selections of constituents that will receive this letter.
  6. Expand the Active Constituencies folder.
  7. Add one of these to your to the "Include these selections in the communication" and click OK.
  8. Run the Appeal Mailing and notice that the results does not match the amount of constituent that have the Constituency currently.

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