1. Navigate to the candidates contract tab (Enrollment Management> People Finder: [search and select user]> Contracts)
  2. Click the pencil/edit icon to the right of the contract
  3. Keep the original deposit amount (if the deposit is $1000, do not reduce the 'due' amount to $0)
  4. Update the Deposit Received Amount field.
  5. To mark the contract as returned, Update the Deposit Received Date. This, and the Deposit Received Amount will become locked after saving.
  6. Manually update the deposit amount in Smart Tuition. 
Additionally, the family will not be able to print a copy of their contract when using this method.
NOTE: This article is for schools that are using the Smart Integration.
For schools not using the Smart Tuition: the Deposit Received Amount can still be populated, after which families will be able to submit normally - no need to manually add the Deposit Received Date.
For more information on the newer 'Pay in School' option, please see the KB article Enable Pay in School Option for Contracts.