How can I troubleshoot my Donor Central Upload?

My Donor Central upload process is not taking place, how can I figure out why it is not working?
There are two ways to upload data into Donor Central.
1. Run the process manually from FIMS
2. Set up a scheduled task on the server to run daily

You can check to see if your upload ran successfully by logging into Donor Central and checking the status:
1. DC NXT this is located in Control Panel > Monitoring. Note, in DC NXT you will not get an email as to whether or not the upload was successful.
2. In older versions of Donor Central this is located in the Admin Portal.

If you find that the DC upload process did not take place when the scheduled task runs on the server, you can do the following manual task to get the data uploaded to Donor Central until you resolve the issue with the scheduled task. Note that the manual upload does not use the 'eAdv-export.bat' file:

NOTE: If you are hosted on HostNet, call FIMS support.

1. Run a manual upload by going to Tools\System Utilities\Donor Central\Donor Central Export
  • Check the boxes for Export Data and Upload to Donor Central:
  • After the process completes, check Donor Central per the instructions above to see if the upload took place, if it did not, and if you are self-hosted check the following locations on the server to see if there is data:
           npo\found\eAdvisor\History-This is the first part of the upload process. These files are the actual data that is exported out of FIMS, these should have the time and date stamp from when you ran the process. If they do
           not, that means that the data export never took place.

           npo\found\eAdvisor\FTP- This is the 2nd part of the upload processThis is the FTP log that will document whether or not the files were actually uploaded into Donor Central. Look for the latest log file and open it to see
           the results. It will be named in this format: DC_Transfer_2010_11_29.log where the date is the date where the FTP process ran. If the task was successful it will say DC Transfer Complete at the end of the log and there
           should be no errors. Note that it usually takes about 90 minutes for data to be seen on the Donor Central site.

To resolve the issue with the scheduled task not uploading to Donor Central, do the following:

1. Check the Windows account that is being used to run the scheduled task. Did the password change? Does the Windows account have the proper permissions to run the task? What happens if you try another Windows account?

2. Check the history of the scheduled task on the server and see if it ran successfully or if there were errors when it ran. You can also run the scheduled task on demand and see if it produces results as noted above in the 
    History and FTP folders. If there are errors in the history of the scheduled task, or if the task runs but produces no results, contact FIMS support and also potentially your IT staff as well.

3. Edit the bat file located in \npo\found\eAdvisor named 'eAdv-export.bat' (which is what the scheduled Donor Central Upload task uses) and make sure that there is no back slash before gui. It should be -p gui, not -p \gui as below:

   %dlc%\bin\prowin32.exe -ininame %FIMSini% -p gui\eadvisor\Export.p -assemblies ..\assemblies

4. Check the found.lg file located in \found\dbfiles\found.lg to see if it connected to the database or if it did connect but no user logged in then it disconnected.
5. Look at System Users Report under Tools | System Utilities | System Reports. See if the password for FIMSInternal has changed. You can reset the password for the FIMSInternal user by doing the following:

    From Tools | System Utilities | Run Procedure,  run gui\system\XAddCall.p

    After doing this try running the .bat file again and check the found.lg file to see if the userid is FIMSInternal.

6. Try running the .bat file from the command prompt to see if it will run
7. Review the following to be sure correct:
  • Paths to the ini files in Setup DonorCentral Upload in Tools\System Utilities\Donor Central
  • Paths in the ini files that FIMS is configured to use located in npo\found\ConfigFiles
  • Datatabase connection string in the ini files located in npo\found\ConfigFiles
  • Version of FIMS that is being used
  • See if there are any custom files in custom\gui\eadvisor files




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