Static Query Returns 0 results

A static query is like taking a snapshot of the database at the time the query is created. Only the records selected when the query is first created will be included when the query is used in the program. The same constituents are still in the static query so you can easily find them again if the need arises.  Sometimes the static query may later contain a different grouping, or 0 records.
Static queries create a new table in the database that contains the records in the query. If the query is refreshed and saved, this table is overwritten with the new records that meet the criteria.

If the query is refreshed and resaved when it contains 0 records, the underlying table is emptied, and those records can't be restored unless they meet the criteria again.


Steps to Duplicate

  1. With the static query already created, click Export in the left navigation bar
  2. Click New Export
  3. Choose Constituent
  4. Choose Excel as the export format
  5. Click Create Now
  6. Click on the Include button
  7. Choose Selected Records
  8. Find the name of the static query
  9. Click Open on the far right
  10. Mark the button to export both constituents separately
  11. Mark the checkboxes to include constituents who are inactive, deceased, and no valid address
  12. Click on the Output tab at the top
  13. Expand Constituent Information
  14. Double Click on Name
  15. Click Export Now
  16. Choose the location to export the excel file
  17. Click save
  18. 0 records exported



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