The Fund Activity Report allows for date and fund selection, but has no obvious sort.

The primary sort is by Fund.  Once the fund groupings are determined it then sorts by the primary key of the GL Journal History table.  This results in the first sort being the account number ( like Gifts at 41000 followed by Grants at 51000 and Admin Fees at 53000).  After that sort it will sort by the date and then by the journal number.

As an example, if there are 4 gifts on the same day, these will sort in the order entered since this will be the GL Journal number order when posted.  However, if you post gift 1 and 4 first and then 2 and 3, then gift 1 and 4 will be higher in the report than 2 and 3 because of the assigned journal numbers during the posting.

If you need to control the order on the report or identify the accounts used, then an alternative is to run the journal history report and open it in excel and sort and subtotal as desired.  You will need to enter in a beginning and ending fund balance value manually, but the report is easier to read and it contains more information.