Unable to Save changes to reports in FE NXT

When accessing Reporting in FENXT you may note that you no longer are able to click on the report name to open it. As well, when choosing the option to Edit from the (...) button, you may note the Save and run, Save, and Save As buttons no longer show. 
A.If this is only occurring for specific reports
 1.Log into The Financial Edge database view
 2. Select the module your report resides in (Ex: an Income statement would be in General Ledger)
 3. Verify that the report has the options marked off that others may run and others may modify
  Note: If these are not marked off you will not have this capability in FE NXT either

B. If you are able to edit and save the same report in The Financial Edge database view that you cannot in FE NXT Contact Support and reference this article

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into FE NXT
2. Click on Reporting
3. Note that none of the reports are able to be opened by clicking on the name
4. Note when clicking on the ellipses and choosing edit the only options are Run and Cancel
5. Right click on the report and select Inspect
6. Note in the code the href to link the report in FENXT to the database view is missing 

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