Social Media Accounts collection field in Constituent Update Batch does not correctly update constituent record when multiple batch entries of the same constituent record exist

In a constituent update batch, when multiple records of the same constituent contain the same social media account, but different profile page URLs, the last record listed in the batch for the constituent(the record with the highest row number) will overwrite the URL for the other records. Once the batch is committed, the last record in the batch will be the only one to show on the constituent's page under the Contact tab in the Social media accounts section. The records also do not get added to the database.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a new constituent.
2. Create a new constituent update batch template and add the Social media accounts field to it.
3. Create a new batch based on the template created in step 2.
4. Add the constituent created in step 1 to the batch twice. Row 1 and Row 2 in the batch will be the same constituent.
5. In the Social media accounts collection field, add the same social media service to each record for the constituent, but with different profile page URLs. Any social media service can be selected, even a service that has been added via the Social Media Services configuration under the Constituents tab. The URLs can be made up. For example: the first row in the batch would have Facebook as the social media service and the profile page URL as http://Test1. The second row would have Facebook as the social media service and the profile page URL as http://Test2.
6. Validate the batch and click Save and Close.
7. Commit the batch.
8. Go to the constituent's page, click the Contact tab, and notice in the Social Media Accounts section there is only one entry for the chosen social media service instead of two. Notice the lone entry contains the profile page URL of the last record for the constituent in the constituent update batch.


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