Social Media Accounts collection field in Constituent Update Batch does not correctly update constituent record when a single batch entry for a constituent record has multiple social media services with the same name

In a constituent update batch, when a single record for a constituent contains an existing social media account, adding another social media account with the same name and different URL does not show up on the constituent's page once the batch is committed. This information is also not added to the database.
Users having duplicate social media accounts is an atypical occurrence.  With this in mind if a user encounters this scenario they'll need to add the duplicate by using the add form on the constituent record directly.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a new constituent.
2. Go to the constituent's page, click the Contact tab, and add a social media account. Any social media service can be chosen and any profile page URL can be entered. For example: Facebook and http://Test1.
3. Create a new constituent update batch template and add the Social media accounts field to it.
4. Create a new batch based on the template created in step 2.
5. Add the constituent created in step 1 to the batch once.
6. In the Social media accounts collection field, notice the social media service added in step 2 is present. Add a second entry using the same social media service, but a different profile page URL. If the example in step 2 was used, then here Facebook and http://Test2 can be added as the additional entry.
7. Validate the batch and click Save and Close.
8. Commit the batch.
9. Go to the constituent's page, click the Contact tab, and notice in the Social Media Accounts section there is only one entry for the chosen social media service instead of two. The entry present is the entry added in step 2. The other entry added in the constituent update batch is never placed on the constituent's record.


 Blackbaud CRM

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