The last week date range shows a different range for reports and queries

If I choose Last Week as the date range on a report I get Monday to Sunday, but if I select it in a query, I get Sunday to Saturday. 
Use Date Range and select specific dates instead of using the filter option of Last Week in the Sales by Price Type report. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Sales, click Sales by Price Type
  2. Run the report on the following filters:
    • Program - All Programs
    • Sales Method - All Sales Method
    • Report Type - Detailed
    • Date - Click Last Week Filter in the drop down​
  3. Note that the date starts on Monday and ends on Sunday
  1. From Analysis > Information Library, Click Add an ad-hoc query
  2. Choose the source view of Sales Order
  3. From the middle drag Order Complete date to Include records where and set equal to Last Week (use the prepopulated functionality)
  4. Drag Order complete date to Results fields to display
  5. Preview Results and see that the dates run Sunday through Saturday


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