Organizations not being found as duplicates - when running a constituent duplicate search process

When running you a constituent duplicate search process you might notice that organizations in a selection are not being found as duplicates. 
The duplicate search process places a heavy weight on the address and will not flag an organization without an address as a duplicate.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Go to the Add an organization task and add a new record. Only fill out the Organization name.
2) Add another organization with that same name. When it comes up as a potential match, add it as a new record.
3) Create a constituent ad-hoc query. Filter on the name and make sure both records show up in the results. Save it as a selection.
4) Go to the Full Constituent Duplicate Search Process. Use Custom Settings. Use the selection from step 3 and make sure organizations are included in this process. Require only 70% confidence.
5) Run the process and notice that no records are processed.


 Blackbaud CRM

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