Try each step in order to resolve the issue:
  1. Go to Sales > Approved Closed Drawers.  Verify that the appropriate drawers have a status of approved.  Only approved drawers will pull into deposits.
    1. If the drawers have a status of Open, have the user close their drawer or close their drawer for them. 
    2. If the drawers have a status of Submitted or after you close their drawer, click on the green downward arrows next to the drawer, then click Approve selected.
  2. Click Create Deposit in the left under Tasks.
    1. Ensure that all templates are marked or at least the appropriate templates for sales orders that are contained in the drawers.
    2. Ensure the dates for "Payment dates up to" include the dates of the drawers.
    3. Ensure the deposit date is set to payment date.
    4. Click Start.
  3. If you still have no records, review your deposit process history to see if someone else already created the deposits.
    1. Go to Treasury > Review Deposits > History tab.
    2. Note what dates the deposit process was run, view the Started by column to see which user ran the process.
    3. If the number of records processed is not 0, click on that process, and click View Report to see which transactions were pulled into a deposit.